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Zsoldos Consulting offers training on site or in a classroom setting. We will come to your location and training your supervisors. We teach through the use of real life scenarios providing your supervisors with tools and techniques to to use on the job.

Programs that we currently offer consist of:

WSIB - The Foundation
  • When am I required to report to WSIB?
  • What are my responsibilities on the day of accident?
  • Tips for completing the Form 7.
  • What can an injured worker receive if the claim is allowed?
  • What do I do if I disagree with the decision?
  • How do I best use the FAF to reduce claims cost?
  • Tips on Clearance Certificates and Occupational Disease.
  • Scenarios to enhance the above topics.
Understand the
Basics of Cad-7
  • What drives the Cad-7 refunds and surcharges?
  • Learn how both the costs and the number of lost time claims impact your refund or surcharge.
  • Understand the 7 day lost time “cut off” for Cad-7 frequency.
  • Understand the “insurance features” built into Cad-7.
  • Become familiar with the refund/surcharge calculation formula.
  • Learn what an employer can do to prevent a surcharge and to remain in a rebate situation.
Managing Your
WSIB Claims
  • Become aware of the necessary steps you need to take once an accident happens.
  • Learn what benefits a worker is entitled to receive
  • Understand when you should request a re–calculation of the workers benefit rate.
  • What are the steps in managing the claim and how you can stay on top of the claim costs?
  • How long can a worker continue to receive WSIB benefits?
  • How does the Board determine entitlement to a claim?
  • Definition of an accident
  • Steps in the appeal process
  • Knowledge of SIEF, Transfer of Costs, Amalgamation, and Recurrence
Return to Work in the Construction Industry - "Tools and Techniques"
  • What are the advantages of bringing a worker back to work?
  • Learn the key steps in creating a return to work plan/program
  • Learn when and how to use the functional abilities form
  • What is suitable, available and productive work?
  • Understand minimum requirements for employers and workers - co–operation in return to work.
  • Learn how to set up a return to work process in order to reduce lost time claims
  • Learn what to do if a worker is not co–operating.
  • Become aware of the construction re–employment obligation and your responsibilities.
  • Learn what to do once a worker has returned to work in order to keep it successful
  • What is my obligation to re–employ?
  • When does it start and when does it end?
  • How do I meet the obligation in order to avoid non–compliance penalties?
  • Is it different for union and non–union worksites?
  • Scenarios to enhance the above topics.

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