Zsoldos Consulting

Zsoldos Consulting will help you….

  • Minimize your lost time
  • Maximize return to work opportunities
  • Decrease claims costs
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Train your supervisors on site
Zsoldos Consulting are specialists in all areas of WSIB matters.

We offer services to fit your needs.

  • Hourly consultations for individual case or account needs
  • Basic service package to control monthly costs and offer support to the staff member(s) responsible for your WSIB matters.
  • Comprehensive service package offers a full service approach to all of your WSIB needs from reporting the incident to following the case to resolution.

Service Components of the “Comprehensive Package”, all of which can be selected as hourly services for individual needs.

Individual Company Return to Work Programs

  • Allow us to create a return to work program that meets your individual company needs
  • Allow us to train your supervisors and staff in the return to work program
  • Allow us to implement the program by making it part of your new hire orientation package and as a natural step in the process of accident reporting.
WSIB Rate Group Classification

  • Allow us to ensure you are classified with the WSIB correctly. Zsoldos Consulting can review your current rates to make certain you are not overpaying your WSIB premiums.

Accident Incident Investigation

  • Allow us to help you create your own accident investigation procedure and format for reporting. Stay within the guidelines and expectation of the WSIB, and the MOL.

Manage Your WSIB Claim From Reporting to Resolution

  • Allow us to review your Employers Report of Accident prior to submission to the WSIB. We will also provide a written letter where necessary supporting your stance on the reported injury.
  • Allow us to ensure your claims remain as no loss of time by assisting you to manage the return to work portion from the day of accident forward.
  • Allow us to attend return to work meetings with WSIB Return to Work Specialists and Work Transition Specialists
  • Allow us to train your management and supervisory staff in “Claims Management”.

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