Zsoldos Consulting

Specializing in the Construction Industry

Zsoldos Consulting assists employers by reducing the impacts of workplace injuries. Our WSIB claims consultants will assist you through every step of an injury bringing the WSIB claim to resolution.

Zsoldos Consulting offers programs with practical solutions to meet your business needs. We offer hourly consultative services for individual concerns with specific cases. We also offer monthly service packages: Comprehensive full service approach to meet all of a companies WSIB needs, and a basic package to cover the essentials and offer support to the person currently responsible for the companies WSIB matter.

Zsoldos Consulting also offers on site supervisor training. Allow us to train your front line supervisors, and managers in their responsibilities relating to WSIB matters. Your supervisors are an extension of the employer.

Zsoldos Consulting offers classroom quarter and half-day training programs in WSIB matters.

Topics include:

WSIB The Foundation
Managing Your WSIB Claims
Return to Work in the Construction Industry "Tools and Techniques" 
Understanding Cad 7
Construction Re-employment

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